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 Name: Dmx Decoder Px24506
1.Meets DMX512/1990
2. 256-level brightness, full-color control
3.With 3 channels output and Max.3A/CH output
4.With control system, can express perfect effect
5.With the light color selected mechanism, and be able to control the light with 1~3 colors
6.Can set the DMX address freely
7.Can be custom-made

Item: PX24506
Input voltage: 12~24V DC
Output Current: 3A
Power: 108W~216W
Size (mm): 86*51*17.8
Gross weight (g): 110g

Welcome to use PX series DMX512 decoder & driver. PX series adopt the advanced micro-computer control technology and converted the DMX512/1990 digital signal widely used in international to the analog control signal. 1~3 channels output for option and each channel able to achieve 256 gradations of controling, and also it can be used as the connector of PC digital light controller and analog light modulator. It is mainly used for the controlling of buildings & lights applied LED.

Package Content:
1*PX24506 DMX Decoder
1x screwdriver
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