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 Name: Digital Multimeter MS8233C

The meter is a hand-held 31/2 digital multimeter for DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance, diodes, temperature and continuity test. It has the backlight function that is used in the dark environment.

1. Maximum voltage between terminals and earth ground: CAT Å600V
2. Fuse Protection: F 250mA/250V 10A/250V
3. Power: 9V battery, NEDA 1604 or 6F22
4. Display: LCD, 2000 counts, updates 2-3 second
5. Measuring Method: dual-slope intergration A/D converter
6. Overrange Indication: only figure "1" on the display
7. Polarity indication: "-" for negative polarity
8. Operating Environment: 0 to 40≧ (32H to 104H)
9. Storage temperature: -10≧ to 50≧(10H to 122H)
10. Low battery indication: " - +"appears on the display
11. Size: 140mm〜67mm〜30mm
12. Weight: 112g

Package Included:

1 x Test meter MS8223C
1 Pair of Test leads
1 x P3400 thermocouple
1 x 9V battery, NEDA 1604 or 6F22
1 x Manual
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