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 Name: PID Temperature Controller
Sestos Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller 2 Omron Relay Output Black D1S-VR-220 + K Sensor DC Input Thermostat + 40A SSR

Digital Temperature Controller:
1. DIN (48X48mm) Temperature Controller
2. Support multi sensor input (K, S, Wre, T, E, J, B, N, CU50, PT100)
3. Wide control range : -50 <C~1300<C (K sensor)
4. Indication and control accuracy 0.1<C, high measurement
5. Accuracy \0.2%FS
6. PID and ON/OFF control mode
7. Output and alarm format can be set by user
8. Built-in digital filter reduce interfere
9. Self calibration technology, keep stabilization
10. 0.39" height LED, prevent dazzle, highly visible display
11. Switching power supply and low consumption.
12. Use long life OMRON relay
13. Approve: CE

Temperature controller sensor:
K-Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensing for Temperature Controller
Temperature range: 0-400¡ãC
Sensor Dia: 4.5mm
Cable Length: 2m
External Shielding: Insulated Shielding
Internal Insulation: Fiberglass

40A SSR Features:
Reliable SMT technology
High ultra insulation resistance over 50M¦¸/500V DC
High dielectric over more than 2.5KV
Low enable current less than 7.5mA/12V DC, compatible with CMOS IC or TTL
Low EMI/EFI & surge by zero cross trigger method
High surge current over 410A/one cycle (60Hz)
High surge voltage duration by snubber circuit
Load Voltage: 24-380VAC
Load Current: 40 A
Input Voltage: DC 3-32V

Package content:
1PCS PID temperature controller D1S-VR-220
1PCS K thermocouple
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