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 Name: LERWAY Seed Starter Heat Mat
 NO.: UPC [714485190537]


🌱 Attention: 1; Please do not immerse the heating mat in water. 2; Please note that this is 21Watt heating mat, if your greenhouse, terrarium or aquarium is too big, maybe this cannot get enough heat. 3; Because it's just 21W, it won't heat up once you connect the power supply, please wait for about 10 ~ 30 minutes, it will slowly warm up.

🌱 Temperature: Seedling warming mat for better veggie, herb and flower seed germination -Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees above ambient temperature.

🌱 Size: 20.75 "x10" inches. Power: 21Watt, 220V ~ 230V. Low power consumption, simply place under the seed tray.

🌱 Greenhouses: They are well suited as heating for indoor greenhouses as well as for use in the terrarium area, aquarium fish, beer brewing etc.

🌱 Use: Ideal heat source for optimal supply of terrarium animals, reptiles, indoor greenhouses.

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